When Should I Resume Work After a Car Accident?

When Should I Resume Work After a Car Accident?


Wanting to work after you have faced a car accident depends on the severity of the incident. In addition, you should consider that some internal injuries may not show early symptoms but can worsen with time if you do not rest properly.  

The ideal way and time to resume your work are when you have completed your treatment which also involves taking an ample rest. Then, after you get the clean chit from your doctor that you will join your work again, you can think of resuming your office life. 

While dealing with so many things after a car accident, it can become stressful to deal with your insurance company, but you also can’t skip that part as you will need money for your medical treatment and compensate for the day you had to take off work. 

If you are ever in a car accident in Cedar Rapids, hire an experienced car accident attorney to deal with the insurance company so that you can focus on recovering quickly and joining work as soon as possible. 

The benefit of having a lawyer by your side is that the insurance company will not try to manipulate you into their tricks, and you will get the compensation you deserve.

Now the question is,  how to decide when you are ready to work after a car accident? Keep reading to know more.

Delayed symptoms of injuries

Some injuries procured during the car accident might not appear as immediately as the others. A common mistake is ignoring the injuries that do not have immediate symptoms like pain and discomfort detected in the medical examination.

Ignoring these injuries and returning to work can cause long-term issues, more pain, or even severe medical complications. So you shouldn’t overexert yourself and get the appropriate amount of rest.

One of the reasons that people do not feel the pain of their injuries immediately after the accident is due to the rush caused by the accident; your brain releases adrenaline in your system. The adrenaline rush can make you ignorant of your pain, and you might perceive that you are absolutely fine.

So the best thing to do is wait. Usually, after 3-4 days, the hormones in your body will calm down and balance themselves, and your body will start to react to the pain and injuries. 

The ideal time to rejoin work

Once you have settled down and diagnosed every felt and unfelt injury, talk to the doctor and complete your rest period. At this time, make sure you are particular about all aspects of your treatment like physiotherapy, medications, follow-up appointments, etc. 

After your doctor declares that you are completely fine and fit to work, you can rejoin your office as soon as possible.

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