Parental Rights Terminated

When are Parental Rights Terminated? 


Termination of parental rights is an extremely daunting term in itself. It is a frightening word for the parents as they lose their child due to a lack of a proper system. In most situations, this can be a relief for some parents too as they are struggling to provide the best but are repeatedly failing to do so. 

Moreover, in some situations, parental rights can be terminated by the parents themselves too. This usually happens when parents know that they cannot provide the best for their child. 

As a parent, if you are unaware of this term and have just come across it; we are here to assist you, and learn all about it. 

Parental Rights Termination:

Termination of parental rights is one of the strongest legal procedures to secure and shield children in need. In severe cases, the child is put up for adoption right away, to provide them with a well-protected and caring environment. 

However, the grounds for parent right termination are different in each state. The terms on which a parent is terminated from their grounds vary largely. And as a parent, you must be aware of the regulations of your specific state. 

Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights:

Some basic grounds that are common in almost all states, in regard to termination of parental rights, have been listed below. They are segregated into two sections, i.e. child abuse factors and parental factors. 

  1. Parental Factors:

If as a parent, you are undergoing the following situations, your rights can be terminated:

  • Lack of support for the child
  • Failing to fulfill their basic needs
  • Failure to provide education
  • Long-term alcohol addiction 
  • Long-term Mental illnesses
  • If you are imprisoned for a long time and your child is relying on foster care alone
  • Forcing your child to indulge in crime
  • You fail to comply with the court’s order, in regard to your kid or children
  • Giving birth to infants that are affected due to your drug addiction 
  • The presumptive father is not the actual father of the child 
  1. Child Factors:

As a child, if you are undergoing any of the following scenarios, you must get in touch with someone and gain help, as soon as possible. Parental rights are terminated in all the given situations:

  • Physical abuse of the child
  • Sexual abuse of the child
  • Psychologically torturing the child
  • Child neglection 
  • Abusing other kids in the house, i.e your siblings, housework, etc. 
  • Extreme parental disinterest
  • Emotional damage to the child
  • The child is not getting the basic necessities like food, clothes, and other items that are an obligation for the parent to provide. 


There are several other additional factors that can terminate the parents from their rights. However, these are the most common grounds on the basis of which, the rights of a parent can be terminated. If you, as a parent, are failing to provide safety, security, and basic necessities to your kids, you are always at risk of legal action. 

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