WhatsApp now Allows you to Hide Chats using Touch ID and Face ID

Facebook team is already working on unifying the infrastructure of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram messages. But before that project goes live, new WhatsApp update has arrived for iOS users that enables the Touch ID and Face ID encryption. The new feature will help users to hide their private WhatsApp chats with the Touch and Face ID. WhatsApp already has the server side end-to-end encryption, and this new feature will work as another layer of protection for users.

If you have the iPhone with either FaceID or TouchID, then you can lock up the WhatsApp application with your fingerprint or face. This feature is still in the development phase as it only supports the app locking. The feature doesn’t work per-chat basis as it just locks the app with Face or Touch ID. as of now, this additional safety feature is pretty useful for those who don’t want to install third-party app-locking applications on their smartphones. As of now, the update is only available to the iOS users via the App Store. This feature can be enabled from WhatsApp Settings page.

Even if the  FaceID and TouchID lock are active, if you have enabled the Notification preview, then you can read and reply the messages without opening the app. So, users have to make sure they’ve disabled the feature to prevent any privacy violations by third-party who have access to the smartphone. As the Touch and Face ID are way more accurate on iOS than the Android, WhatsApp update is rolled for iPhone and iPad devices. As per the sources, after a few weeks, Facebook will release an update for Android devices as well, that’ll enable the biometric lock for encrypting your chats.

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