What’s in store for the technology in the future?


Yes, live in a technically advanced world. The phrase itself denotes how humans become dependent on technology for day to day life. Can’t live without technology to surf the internet, watch videos, to chat, watch TV, buy items, and even to travel. Technology has become so integrated into our lives that it seems impossible to imagine going shopping without a credit card or an electronic check. People rely on technology for their livelihood as well as their entertainment.

So what’s in store for the technology in the future? According to tech futurist and author Ed Levinson, the coming years will be filled with innovation. One such technology, namely the artificial intelligent computer, is already being used by Google and Microsoft to create self-driving cars. Another upcoming technology, namely holographic display technologies is said to revolutionize the way we view 3D graphics. Not to mention projects like Google’s Project Glass, which is supposedly designed to allow people to control eyeglasses through their brainwaves.

There are also rumors that in the next two to five years, the human mind will be able to send thoughts and ideas through text messages. Apple is reportedly working on a “Google brain” project that will allow its users to surf the web using just their brains. Apple’s chief scientist, Tim Cook, has also reportedly said that in the next five years, no one will be able to go anywhere without using a smartphone. No one will be able to read books, watch a movie, or listen to music without using one. However, it looks like the idea of the smart home might take a little longer than Apple’s projected timeframe.

Researchers at Stanford University have reportedly been successful in creating a software program called Meta artificially intelligent system. Meta is supposed to function as a chat bot, which is a type of automated messaging system. In December, it was reported that over three hundred thousand conversations were recorded using the software and it was shown that it is accurate. However, the software will not be available for everyone anytime soon and it will be a big challenge for researchers to develop the software that is both safe and effective for controlling artificial intelligence computers.

Another big idea for the future of technology is self-driving cars. This idea was discussed at the San Francisco International Auto Show last year and it is still on the agenda for the next few years. One reason why the idea is getting off the ground is because of the advances being made in autonomous car technology. Self-driving cars will reduce the congestion in cities and it will also free up space for multi-car car pools, which in turn could reduce traffic congestion.

The goal of the future of technology may be uncertain, but there is one certainty: it’s going to change our lives. As the internet of everything grows, we will have more control over our information and therefore, the decisions we make will have far greater ramifications. Will the future of technology be an exhilarating experience? Maybe not. It’s up to you.

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