What SEO Looks Like in 2021 – Important SEO Changes Coming This Year


2021 is set to be a big year in the search engine optimisation industry. For almost a year now, Google have been warning us about the impending Google Page Experience update. Now, less than a month away, SEO s around the globe are scrambling to make changes to improve the page experience of users.


Before the update rolls out in the next month, we have spoken with Safari SEO Sydney servicesto get an idea of how this update will affect businesses and what they can do to prepare for the upcoming update.


Focus on the User


As the name would imply, the upcoming updates are geared towards providing the best possible experience for users. So, with the update, you should be focussing on creating a site the provides an outstanding onsite user experience. Creating user journeys and ensuring that website visitors know exactly what they should be doing when they land on your website is the first step towards getting the most out of your on-site experience.


Page Speed Insights


Focus on the metrics that you are seeing through the Google page speed insights. According to most sources, this will be the main reference point that Google uses to measure the efficacy of on-site Page experience for users. Some of the most important metrics include:


  1. First Contentful Paint
  2. Speed Index
  3. Largest Contentful Paint
  4. Time to Interactive
  5. Total Blocking Time
  6. Cumulative Layout Shift


When reviewing the performance of your website, these are the metrics that you need to be looking at to ensure your website is in-line with best user experience practices.


Create Valuable Content

If you are not already, you need to start creating content that resonates with users and creates value. Google wants to reward websites that provide an outstanding on-page experience for their users. Think about it like this, the better the result that Google is able to provide for users, the more likely the user is to come back and use their search engine again in the future. By creating valuable content, you are feeding into Google’s business model and adding value. In turn, Google is more likely to reward your website with higher rankings.


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