What Is An E-wallet? 


In the past cash was the only medium of payment. Then came the debit and credit cards. Now there is something called E-wallet. It is an electronic card that can be used to make online transactions through a smartphone or computer. To use it you need to link it to your bank account. It works just like a debit or credit card. Here you can store your money for online transactions. It is protected with a password, so is secured. 

You can use it to pay for groceries, flight tickets, online payments, and more. All your personal information like name, shipping address, debit or credit card details, and others are stored in the E-wallet. All these data are encrypted, so there is no risk of losing them. To set up an E-wallet all you need to do is install the software on your phone or other device and enter all the information. After you buy something online, the E-wallet will automatically fill in the details on the payment form and the database gets updated automatically. 

When you have a digital wallet you don’t need to carry any physical wallet containing cash and debit or credit cards. The cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin rely on E-wallets to make transactions and maintain balance. You will now find different types of digital wallets which include ApplePay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Venmo, and more. 

Benefits of E-wallet

E-wallets provide a range of benefits. Some digital wallets rely on connectivity; whereas, others on cloud technologies. Here are some benefits of E-wallets which makes it a popular choice today.


We use our phones every day. We can carry our digital wallets on our phones and use them whenever we purchase something. So, you can have access to your digital wallet all the time. Sometimes when we get out of our home we forget to take cash or debit cards. This won’t happen in this case.


With an E-wallet, you can perform complex financial operations with ease. With the E-wallet, you get useful functions like expense tracking which makes fund management easier. With your E-wallet, you can pay your utility bills as well.


Cybercriminals are always present to hack your data. The E-wallet can protect you from cybercriminals as data is encrypted in the E-wallet. The modern E-wallets have multi-layer security features which include passwords, fingerprint checks, face identification, and two-factor authentication. Digital wallet also allows privacy. 

You can get various rewards from using the E-wallet and use them wherever appropriate. The software also keeps on updating to provide a better experience. As the E-wallets are becoming more sophisticated you will find it more convenient to interact with them and use them more effectively. However, there are still many regulatory constraints and E-Wallet is not available in many countries yet. It is necessary to comply with a lot of financial regulations to operate it. As people are now purchasing things online more frequently, the use of E-Wallet cannot be stressed more. Soon it will be available throughout the world and the use of cash will start to decrease. 

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