What happens if you are charged for careless driving in Australia?

What Happens If You Are Charged For Careless Driving In Australia?


According to Section 62 of the Road Traffic Act of Australia, every individual needs to drive a motor vehicle carefully. A good deal of care and attention should be maintained while the person is driving the car the law specifies. However, breaching this rule and driving with inadequate care and attention is considered a punishable offense in Perth, Western Australia. If you are found guilty of careless driving in Perth, you will get incurred by potential penalties.

Maximum Careless Driving Penalty

So, the most severe penalty for careless driving in Australia is twelve units of penalty (AU$600). Alternatively, the penalty can culminate its extremity in the form of the cancelation of your driver’s license. The latter category penalty applies to those who are considered probationary drivers in Perth, Western Australia.

Definition of Careless Driving

Before you get subject to a careless driving penalty, you must attain a clear notion about it. Careless driving basically involves the driving of a motor vehicle with inadequate care and attention. When the driver has a dearth of proper concentration and attention, it can result in careless driving. Common actions which can potentially lead to the plight of careless driving include the following:

    • When the driver looks at his or her phone
    • The driver taking his or her eyes off the road to stare at their passengers
    • The driver missing to pay attention to a stop-sign or that of give-way and
    • The driver driving the motor vehicle across sturdy double lines

To be really outspoken, a resentful situation like careless driving occurs when your optimum concentration level declines abruptly. As a result, your liability to drive safely on the road is not complied with. If you feel that you have committed any of the actions stated above inadvertently, then, contact the best careless driving lawyers in Perth immediately.

Expected Penalties

It might happen that you have been inflicted by the charge of careless driving in Perth, Western, Australia. In that case, you will have to pay a fine of up to thirty penalty units at the most. This penalty might even result in a jail sentence if it causes physical injury to the victim. Section 62 of the Road Traffic Act, Western Australia incurs the offender with this kind of penalty for driving carelessly. Even if you have committed the act inadvertently, you will still be incurred by this penalty depending on the severity of the incident.

Reasons to appoint a traffic lawyer in Perth

When you face the most unprecedented yet unavoidable charge of careless driving, you feel daunted and distraught. The consequences of your careless driving can be as grim as facing imprisonment to as casual as paying a fine. To get a clear picture of your possible penalty, it is always advisable to appoint a careless driving lawyer in Perth. Some of the reasons for which you should consider hiring a traffic lawyer in Perth, Western Australia can be considered below.

    • A traffic lawyer in Perth has a sound understanding of the legal aspects encompassing your careless driving case.
    • An adept careless driving lawyer in Perth will also suggest you keep some crucial factors in mind. It will help you in speaking with the police officers to avoid any unwanted complexities effectively.
    • The best traffic lawyers in Perth have also years of experience in the field of traffic laws of Western Australia. That’s why they can resolve your careless driving case through the choicest legal consultation and assistance.

After you hire any of these lawyers, you need not worry about getting entangled in any unprecedented careless driving charge. These lawyers are adept enough to evaluate the exact nature of your case and yield the finest possible outcome accordingly.

Crucial aspects to keep in mind

There are certain aspects to keep in mind if you are incurred by a potential charge of careless driving. A few of these factors can be considered below.

    • Avoid getting into a casual session of conversation with the police officer
    • Give only the fundamental pieces of information to the police officer and
    • Avoid opening out entirely to the police officer who is attending you

To communicate with the police officer by considering all these important factors. By doing so you can win over your case with a good deal of success. This is because at times even a casual session of discourse can lead to severe consequences. Some lose or abruptly made statements can incur a number of additional charges which you didn’t expect the case to be. The best solution to all these issues is to consult one of the best traffic lawyers Perth WA for sure.

Get the best legal solution from traffic lawyers in Perth WA

A charge like careless driving can inflict any person in Perth, Western Australia at any point of time. These lawyers deal with each of their clients with a good deal of dedication and integrity. The reason is these lawyers are adequately well-informed about the various professional ethics and norms pertaining to the legal protocol of Australia. So, the moment you will hire any of these lawyers, your legal advisor will assist you in the following ways.

    • To get started, your lawyer will study your entire case and every nitty-gritty and crucial aspect pertaining to it.
    • Then, your lawyer will prepare your case completely in your favor. To complete this task successfully, your lawyer will gather as many pieces of information as possible followed substantial evidence. These bits of information are crucial for pleading your case before the court law in a successful manner.
    • Subsequently, your lawyer will present your case to the court of law of Perth, Western Australia. The chief objective of your lawyer would be to prove that the accident which occurred was not an outcome of careless driving. Instead, you got forcibly entangled in an inevitable situation that finally resulted in the accident. Finally, your lawyer will ensure a highly gratifying outcome of your careless driving case.

So, are you also impinged by a case of careless driving in Perth, Western Australia? If so, then, contact the top traffic lawyers in th today and resolve your case impeccably.

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