What Do You Do If Someone Defames You In The Workplace? Know Your Legal Rights?

What Do You Do If Someone Defames You In The Workplace? Know Your Legal Rights?


If someone is trying to damage your reputation, it is a serious and big deal. It can cost your credibility and work life. Understanding the person’s exercising the freedom of speech and how you can keep your name protected are the two most important things to keep in mind. Defamation is a statement that someone has given against you, and it hurts your reputation. Two types of defamations are there; slander and libel. In both situations, you must get in touch with the workplace lawyers who will assist you. Let’s understand the difference between libel and slander and what to do when you come across one. 

Libel and slander 

Libel is a statement given in the written form, or it is published to attack your image. Slander is a declaration regarding your character. However, no one has the right to give any false statement that can damage your reputation. You have spent years to reach this position, and a small wrong statement can worsen things. If anyone does that, you have the right to take any action against them. Here are a few things explaining what to do if you come across a certain situation. 

    • Things to consider in defamation of character 

The main aspects in the ground of allegation are the declaration is negatively affecting the reputation of the person, and it is untrue. For an instance, “Mr. XYZ is driving a yellow car”. Now, this cannot be considered defamation as the person’s reputation is not getting affected in any way. 

However, if someone gives a statement saying “Mr. XYZ was thrown out of a job for sexual harassment” and if it is untrue, it is defamation. In case it is true, then you cannot consider it as defamation. Thus, first of all, you have to first look for the kind of statement made by the concerned person. In case it is not affecting your image in any way, you can be in trouble. 

    • Official action 

In defamation, you must speak to someone from the human resource development in the first step. Different companies follow different rules in this situation. But some of them may not pay notice to what you are saying to save their reputation. In such situations, you should ask for help from the lawyers. Generally, the top companies will have specific rules stating what the people making defamation need to suffer. 

    • Look for lawyers 

If any such defamation is made against you, the first aspect is to look for lawyers. The employment lawyers Perth will understand your situation first and guide you on what needs to be done. In certain situations, it happens that you are not understanding whether the statement is defamation or not. Here, you can ask the lawyer about the same, and if so, you can go and file a case. 

    • Collecting proofs 

Slander can be difficult to prove compared to libel as you should have a piece of evidence. If it is not there, how you will prove that someone has told negative about you. To win a lawsuit, collecting evidence is a must. When you hire a lawyer, he can tell you what all things can work as proofs. Filing a case becomes more important when you have lost a job because of a wrong statement, or have a company that is getting affected. In such situations, when you file a lawsuit and win the same, you can ask for compensation from the person. In a win, you can prove that you are not wrong and attract the amount you have lost. 

Now that you know what needs to be done if you face a similar situation in your work life. Here are in-depth details regarding defamation that one needs to know. 

    • Can a lawsuit be brought against a co-worker?

The simple answer to this question is yes, but before that, you must attain the criteria. Besides that, several other things may also be there that you have to consider, like the period till which you must file the defamation, etc. A perfect way is to get in touch with the best defamation claim Lawyers they have handled many similar circumstances. It is important to do this at the earliest to access the urgent option. 

    • Can I court do anything if I am defamed by one of my colleagues?

Yes, the court can help you. If they find you are being defamed, they have the right to make an award of damages. Recently, in a big company, an employee was fired by sending an email stating wrong information. The email claimed that some XYZ has told: he is homosexual and looking for like-minded people to share some time with. Here the person has filed the case against the concerned person and proved that he is giving the wrong information. Similarly, you can also do the same thing if you face defamation. 

    • Prevention 

The correct way to deal with defamation is to prevent it from happening, and managers must discourage negative things. Rumors are easy to spread. But when you do not encourage such things, after a point in time, it will stop. Not only that, but you can also specify strict rules the person needs to suffer after making any such statement. Additionally, hold meetings to convey the same information to everyone working there. In that way, it helps in preventing such things. However, if it still happens, get in touch with the lawyers. 

In the end 

Defamation has become common now, and social media makes it easier to do so. No one wishes to file a lawsuit and go through the entire process. But if the situation gets worst and you have to suffer from someone else, go ahead and file a case. Asking expert help is not at all wrong and here, a lawyer will be in a position to help you. For any information regarding defamation, qualified and experienced lawyers will be of your assistance. Make sure you have the piece of evidence with you without fail. 

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