What are CVC helmets?


CVC helmets, also known as Combat Vehicle Crewman helmets, are designed for communication among tank crews, military personnel and soldiers. They can be used for communications over the sea and land-mounted regions. They are used for communication via intercoms and radios during missions. This helps the crew to maintain communication on the battlefield. They are designed with cutting-edge technology. These helmets, in addition to communication, also provide great comfort and protection. Though CVC helmets have so many features, the CVC helmet price is quite affordable.

Why should one use a CVC helmet?

The CVC helmet has wide usage in areas that require proper communication during missions. They offer noise reduction and ballistic impact and allow interruption-free communication via radios or intercoms. They also offer protection both inside and outside the vehicle. 

What are some of the features of CVC helmets?

They are lightweight and have a great ballistic performance. High-tenacity ballistic aramid fiber is used in their construction. Due to its great heat resistance, low flammability, and resistance to degradation from various organic solvents, this fiber is strong. As a result, this material guarantees a long lifespan for CVC helmets as well as total user protection.

They also come with an integrated nape pad and adjustable chin straps. This ensures the comfort and safety of soldiers and military personnel during the mission. The CVC helmets are efficient for communication via intercom and radios. 

They offer noise reduction and are very helpful during missions. They come in different models and sizes. You can choose the model as per your requirements. They are affordable. The CVC helmet price ranges as per the features and model. 

Who uses CVC helmets?

The CVC helmets are used by the entire crew during the missions. This includes commanders, gunners, drivers and operators on armored vehicles. They protect the users both inside and outside the vehicle. These helmets can be connected via intercoms, thus enabling communication between all military personnel. 

What are the benefits of a CVC helmet?

There are many perks of using CVC helmets. Let us discuss some of its benefits in brief. 

  • Communication – The CVC helmet is used by military personnel for communication during missions. They allow sound communication via intercoms or radios with noise reduction technology. This gives the army soldiers protection both inside and outside the vehicle. 
  • Cutting Edge Technology – These CVC helmets are designed with high technology. They are designed in such a way that they are compatible with all communication headsets. They allow efficient communication, which is of great importance on the battlefield. 
  • Comfortable to use – The CVC helmets offer great comfort to their users. Using these helmets will give you the best outputs without compromising on comfort. They have 4-point chin strap harnesses and integrated nape pads. They also come with High Tech EVA Pads installed. 

Additionally, they have a crown mesh with cross straps. Furthermore, it is highly preferred by the users since they are lightweight. Due to this factor, they allow movement and can be worn for a longer duration of time. Ease of movement increases the survival rate and enhances protection. 

Are CVC helmets worth it?

There is nothing more important than the safety and proper communication on the battleground. Thus it won’t be an exaggeration to say that CVC helmets are one of the best alternatives in today’s time. They not only ensure secure and efficient communication but also increase the level of protection. 

The material used also has high resistance to fire. They are made up of sturdy material. As a result, they provide better protection from any kind of head injury and increase the chances of survival. 

They also have many technologies employed that offer communication via different systems. They also have a bracket for head-mounted equipment. Some of these head gears also come with gas masks. 

Can CVC helmets be worn for a longer duration of time?

The users of CVC helmets testify that it is comfortable and can be worn for a longer period of time. You can easily find your well-suited fit since it comes in all sizes. Besides, it is made up of comfortable and durable material, keeping the requirements of military personnel in mind. They offer all the facilities that are essential with comfort. 


The CVC helmets are used extensively by people who operate tanks and other tactical vehicles. They are employed for effective communication. They have several aspects that increase their viability and favorability among users. However, there have been a few misunderstandings about their application among the people. You should now have a better understanding of what CVC helmets are and how they might be useful.

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