West Bengal is vigilant in preventing emissions

West Bengal is vigilant in preventing emissions


In the Indian states of Karnataka and Gujarat, a new strain of coronavirus has been identified in the bodies of three people, and West Bengal has taken comprehensive measures to prevent it. Two government hospitals in Kolkata have already been set up to treat amicron patients. The two hospitals are ID Hospital at Beleghata in Kolkata and Bangur Government Hospital in South Kolkata. 50 beds are being kept in each of the two hospitals for the treatment of Amikron patients.

The Indian government has said that RTPCR tests will be conducted at airports for tourists entering Kolkata from high-risk countries. Upon receiving the positive report, they will be admitted to Beleghata ID Hospital and Bangur Government Hospital. The list of countries at risk includes South Africa, the United Kingdom, Brazil, China, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Israel.

Amicron infection has already been detected in two persons in Karnataka, India. Lob Agarwal, the joint secretary of the Indian Ministry of Health, warned the people at a press conference on Thursday that those who had been exposed to the virus had been identified and those who had come in contact with them had been identified.

Meanwhile, a man from Zimbabwe in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, was found to be infected with a new dangerous type of coronavirus. The state health department has given this information.

Eight people were admitted to Delhi’s Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan Hospital on Thursday night on suspicion of amniotic fluid and four more on Friday. They returned to India from the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. Samples of those 12 people have already been collected and sent to the laboratory.

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