Watch OS 7 will bring sleep monitoring to Apple Watch

Watch OS 7 will bring sleep monitoring to Apple Watch


News continues to arrive since WWDC 2020 from Apple, and now it is the turn of Watch OS 7, the next big update for your Apple Watch.

In addition to now including dancing as a sport, watches will be able to monitor your sleep. With reminders to go to sleep, even with Shortcuts that activate different applications that help you relax and start your necessary rest.
The watch will have a very simple and dimmed face, so as not to spend extra battery at night. In the morning it will give you a summary of your night and how much you should carry while you do your morning routine, to continue with your day.

By the way, the alarms will be smart if you want, so as not to disturb your partner, for example.
As a bonus, there will be a hand washing application, which automatically detects if you are doing it and gives you a timer to get it right. All without having to press anything.

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