Walmart Published Its Annual Report Revealing Amazing Salary of Managers

Walmart Published Its Annual Report Revealing Amazing Salary of Managers


On Wednesday Walmart has released its annual Environmental, Social & Governance report. It consists of a 94-page document which reveals Walmart’s aims, commitments and achievements. The report also shows other concerns such as employee wellbeing, product sourcing, and sustainability. As per the reports, Walmart store managers in the U.S. earn an average of around $175,000 per year. While full-time workers gain wages of $14.26 per hour. The retail giant hires more than 1 million people in the U.S. Although; the newly appointed workers will have an initial payment of $11 initial per hour. Whereas, key department managers will have wages approximately $24.70 per hour.

The retail giant has faced criticism in the case of employees’ low salaries. The company now reveals all of its American workers earn above the federal minimum pay of $7.25 per hour. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon mentioned the company is investing in better educational opportunities, benefits, and training for employees. Walmart’s report also portrays internal programs like “Pathways”, which bestows employees’ skills to enhance their job roles and increase mobility. The company also showed off that it has increased wages by more than 50% over the past three years. Besides, more than half of its workers work full-time. According to the reports, the retail giant has promoted upward of 215,000 people in the current year. Recently, in February, the company announced workers could have two paid days off in case of an emergency or sickness.

The lengthy report states Walmart seeks to invest in the more diverse and energetic workforce. It expects to keep pace with developing customer brands while acting as a push for economic involvement. The rapidly changing climate was one of the highlighted sectors in Walmart’s report. The company noted it believes climate change is probably affecting national economies. It is also affecting the global supply chain like crop yields along with a massive rise in costs of health. Thus the retail giant intends to decrease its carbon emissions by 18% until 2025 as that of levels in 2015. Even more, the company is working to minimise 1 billion metric tons of emissions from its global supply chain in the upcoming decade.

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