The WalkCar; Japanese Hoverboard is Small Enough to Fit into a Laptop Bag

A Japanese company called Cocoa Motors has recently released an electric vehicle that is small enough to carry in a tote bag. Being roughly the size of a laptop, The WalkCar has four miniature wheels and an aluminum platform just big enough for your feet.

The WalkCar activates automatically when you step on it, and stops completely when you step off of it, even if you’re moving at full speed. The WalkCar maxes out at 6.2 MPH. It’s steered by leaning in the direction you want to go, and will otherwise coast along straight forward.

WalkCar cocoa motors

Caption: ©Cocoa Motors, WalkCar

Reminiscent of a hoverboard, The WalkCar’s automated user experience is meant for effortless use. Its Built-in battery charges with a USB cable in roughly three hours. With that, Riders can go a distance of 7.5 miles. The WalkCar is available in two versions, indoor and outdoor. The indoor model weighs just over 4 lbs, while the outdoor weighs nearly 7 lbs. Both are the same size and can withstand riders that weigh up to 265 lbs.
The twenty-six year-old inventor of the WalkCar, Kuniako Saito, says he expects his invention to be used in many different ways. It has enough power to push a wheelchair up a hill, and could potentially even be used in stockrooms or warehouses.

Cocoa Motors has created the world’s first vehicle that can easily fit into a laptop bag or small backpack. The WalkCar will be soon on sale in Japan for 100,000 yen (approx $800 USD).

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