Vranies erupted after the goal

Vranies explained that he was a member of the Bernia national team


The seasons have changed, the fields have changed. But Bashundhara Kings are in the mood to blow up their opponents in that rhythmic football. Bashundhara started the season by defeating Bangladesh Navy 6-0 at Kamalapur Shaheed Sepahi Mostafa Kamal Stadium today.

Bosnia national team striker Stoyan Vranies started the Bangladesh chapter with a pair of goals in Bashundhara’s jersey. Jonathan Fernandez, Robson Robinho and Elita Kingsley scored one goal each. The other goal is suicide. After two goals in the first half, 4 goals were scored in the second half.

Bashundhara Kings players excited about Bosnian footballer Vranies after goal

The Navy may sound like a fancy team made up of players who work all year round, but it’s not. It would not be wrong to call it a national team in a navy jersey. There are 9 current and former national team players in the XI. Among them are current goalkeeper Shahidul Alam, leftback Rahmat Mia, midfielder Sohail Rana and winger Jewel Rana. A number of players from outside the national team are regulars in the Premier and Champions League.

Even with such a team there is a big reason behind the big rate because there is no team understanding as the players come from different clubs. The biggest truth is that the opponents are Robson Robinho, Jonathan Fernandez and Stoyan Vranies. The navy’s defense system did not know any strategy to stop them!

Bashundhara Kings defeated Navy 6-0

The biggest attraction of the match was the striker Stoyan Vranies, who played for the Bosnian national team. Despite being a traditional attacking midfielder, he has been played as number nine. He is a footballer who plays for a national team in Europe, which is obvious from his touch. He started the football chapter of Bangladesh with a pair of goals. The 35-year-old attacking midfielder could have scored a hat-trick if he had been on the field till the end of the match.

Even if that was not the case, Vranies realized in the first match that the opportunity may come a few more times in the future. Because, there is no shortage of teammates to put the ball at his feet in the goal. There are Brazilians Robson and Jonathan. Local Bipolu Ahmed and Mohammad Ibrahim also understood him. His pair of goals came that way. The first goal in the 41st minute was scored by Jonathan. Vrans came out from between the two defenders and scored the header.

After scoring a goal, Jonathan also understood that he also needed a goal. In the 43rd minute, he made it 2-0 in the team chemistry from the counter-attack. The counter-attack started at Jonathan’s feet. Later, the ball went to Ibrahim’s feet through Robson. Ibrahim passed the ball to Jonathan in front of the goal. The Brazilian netted this midfielder’s shot with a distant post.

The navy put up some resistance in the first half. They flew like straw in the second half. 4 goals in the last 22 minutes. One of the goals is suicide. It seemed from the press box that Bashundhara’s forwards were coming out with goals.

Vranies’ second goal in the 7th minute. The Bosnian striker touches the ball with his eyes on the ball from Ibrahim’s great cross from the right edge, 3–0. After that it was difficult to keep track of the goals. Substitute Elita Kingsley made it 4-0 in the 69th minute. Placing the left foot away from the inside of the box. There is still no goal next to Robson’s name. With the previous season in mind, things don’t seem to be going well. In added time, the goalkeeper scored with the bottom of Shahidul’s foot. The sixth goal in added time is suicidal.

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