Volvo begins its first electric car, the XC40 Recharge

Volvo launched its first electric car and promised to make zero-emission battery-powered cars the top priority for all future sales. The Sweden-based company launched its first all-electric XC40 off-road vehicle, launching a new battery-powered series under the heading “Recharge”, which is a fundamental change in the accepted practice. Volvo plans to reduce its emissions by 40% by 2025, with the goal of manufacturing, operating, and even shipping new cars from the factory. Volvo showed off its first all-electric car in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the battery-powered version of the XC40 compact SUV, known as the XC40 Recharge. Key management said that from 2020, battery-powered electric vehicles will become the buyer’s choice – and then they will have to choose a gasoline or hybrid version as an alternative.

Volvo will continue to introduce new electric vehicles in the next few years and hopes to achieve half of all-electric vehicle sales by 2025. The other will be hybrids, as the company intends to offer some form of electrification in all its models. The recharge name will refer that all models are fully electric or have an insertion function. Beginning from October this week, consumers who purchase plug-in hybrid Volvo (or eventually all-electric) will receive a one-year free charge in the form of a refund for the average electricity bill in their area.

Volvo also promises to launch a fully electric car every year, with the goal of manufacturing all-electric vehicles value for half of its worldwide sales by 2025, with the other half becoming a gasoline-electric hybrid. As per Volvo CTO Henrik Green, “Stopping the movement is not the answer to the climate problem.” “the company wants to offer people the freedom to be sustainable. An individual can’t and will not solve the climate problem by gradually improving gasoline and diesel engines. Fully electric vehicles built with renewable energy are the only cars that can do this.”

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