Rows are made in rows outside the vaccination room

Volunteer Strike: Vaccination Hurry, Chaos


Volunteers of the Red Crescent, which is in charge of a vaccination center in Bagerhat, have been on strike since Tuesday, alleging that people who come to get vaccinated are abusive. On this day, there is chaos as there is no one to supervise the people who want to get vaccinated.

Vaccination is closed at Bagerhat Sadar Hospital for about an hour from 12:15 pm due to rush of people at the Corona Vaccination Center. Vaccination activities are carried out in this center till 1 pm every day. Today many people have returned home without getting vaccinated due to the rush in the queue.

A few Red Crescent volunteers were seen standing on the hospital premises. They said on condition of anonymity that the parents and teachers who had brought the students had been mistreated by them. There have been incidents of abuse and even attempts to kill them in the previous days. Apart from this, some influential people also abused them for not providing additional facilities in the vaccination centers. In protest, the volunteers have withdrawn from all activities of the center since this morning.

This morning, apart from the city’s government girls’ high school, students from different areas of Sadar upazila came to the center to get vaccinated. However, due to chaos and mismanagement, many people go back without getting vaccinated.

Apart from the students, the general registrars of Sadar Upazila also came to the Sadar Hospital to get vaccinated. They also did not get vaccinated in a hurry and chaotic environment. Some of the people who came to take the second dose on the scheduled date have also returned.

A resident of Sarui area of ​​the city brought two girls to the center to vaccinate. Moniruzzaman said it was nothing more than an extreme example of mismanagement. There didn’t seem to be any authority here. The girls fell ill in a rush to get vaccinated.

Ayesha Begum of Kandapara area, who was standing in a row outside the vaccination room, said she had returned last Saturday to take the second dose. Even today no one is saying anything. But the vaccination date is running out.

Asked about the image of the center, Civil Surgeon Jalal Uddin Ahmed of Bagerhat said on his mobile phone that vaccination was going well. He spoke with the youth leader of the Red Crescent.

Shariful Islam, the youth leader of the Bagerhat unit of the Red Crescent, was called several times on his mobile phone to talk about the chaos at the vaccination center, but he did not answer.

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