Vivo Teases New Smartphone With No Buttons or Ports

The smartphone design and news leakers are accurate most of the times due to their strong connections with the company officials and the supply chain snooping skills. A few weeks ago, one leaker posted the barebone design of the new smartphone from Vivo, which showed us the rounded corners, metallic back and nothing else. But now, the company shared a teaser which shows a new smartphone with the same rounded corners with Metallic shiny back panel. What is more interesting is that it does not sport any button or port and that’s what shocked many of the smartphone enthusiasts.

The teaser won’t show any other information, but someone took the information from Vivo officials and uploaded a render, which shows us more details on the smartphone. The smartphone is supposed to be the Vivo Apex 2019 smartphone which has surprisingly no buttons and no ports on it. Although the render on the internet might not be accurate to the point, even if it’s roughly accurate, then it could be the revolutionary smartphone in the industry. Another great thing is that there is no camera to be seen on the front side of the smartphone and also no notch. The no notch design indicates that the front-facing camera might be hidden behind the display somewhere.

As there is a camera hidden somewhere in the screen, there is a high possibility that there is a waterdrop or pinch hole notch which we cannot see in the teaser or even in the render. The rear side has dual camera setup with the flash and metallic back that shines like polished steel. Vivo is supposed to reveal more information about this smartphone later today and launch the device in Mobile World Congress that is held in Barcelona Next month.

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