Violence on Capitol Hill, Palmer receives maximum punishment

Violence on Capitol Hill, Palmer receives maximum punishment


On January 6 this year, the US Capitol Hill was attacked by supporters of the then US President Donald Trump. Among them was a man from Florida. On that day, he attacked the police with fire extinguishers, wooden planks and poles. He was sentenced to more than five years in prison on Friday.

According to CNN, the convicted man’s name is Robert Scott Palmer. He is the person who received the highest punishment for the Capital riots. He was sentenced to 63 months in prison for assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon. His sentence will help determine the sentences of more than 140 accused in the same case.

Palmer was first identified by an online detective. He identified Palmer by looking at pictures and video footage. It shows Robert Scott Palmer taking an active part in the day’s deadly violence on Capitol Hill premises wearing a jacket with the US flag.

Palmer’s appeal for prosecution said Palmer sprayed fire extinguishers at police officers standing in line and twice threw empty canisters at police. If he did not want to retreat, the police fired rubber bullets at him. The bullet hit Palmer in the stomach.

Announcing the verdict yesterday, District Judge Tania Chutkan said, “Every day we hear of anti-democratic parties plotting possible violence in the 2024 presidential election. Attempts to stop the peaceful transfer of power and to ensure the punishment of those who attack law enforcement must be ensured.

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