Neymar injured his thigh before the match against Argentina

Video of Neymar dancing at the nightclub before the Argentina match on Brazilian TV


Brazil drew 0-0 in the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Argentina the day before yesterday. Neymar joined the Brazilian practice ahead of the match. But the day before the match, Brazil announced that Neymar had a thigh injury.

That is why he was not fielded against Argentina. In France he was sent back to his club PSG. This is the ‘official’ news. Today, the news sparked a new controversy with the Brazilian TV show “Os Donos da Bola” – with Neymar at its center.

According to the TV show, Neymar was seen dancing at a night club party in Sao Paulo before the Brazil-Argentina match. The TV show also released footage of the Brazilian star getting drunk dancing.

Criticizing the PSG star, the host said, “You can play with muscle pain. You can also play with leg bone pain. (My) broke his own, it is possible to play with this injury. But no one can dance like this with a muscle or thigh injury. ‘

Criticism of Neymar is nothing new. Even three weeks ago, his off-field life was criticized. Or more attention to his off-field life than playing.

“People say Neymar doesn’t take care of himself,” Neymar said in an interview with the YouTube channel FuerClear. He does it, he does it. My question is, how can you stay at the top for 12 years without taking care of yourself? I know how to take care of myself. There are personal physio fitness coaches, they take care of me 24 hours a day. What is that for? Without a reason? ‘

The PSG star then said bluntly, “Let’s go out when we have time. When I know there is no practice the next day, I go out. I will not stop any of this. Criticize my play on the field. I would agree to talk about it. But I will not criticize the issues outside the field. ‘

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