Verizon is putting Oath’s four apps on Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus phones

Verizon has confirmed a deal with Samsung to preload space of four apps for Verizon’s Oath brand on the Galaxy S9 devices. It is working to allow watch content for their consumer. The Oath will be offering Newsroom, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, and Go90 mobile video apps. These apps will be preloaded on the Samsung’s devices like Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

Verizon wireless is the US-based telecommunications company which provide its services to more than 150 million users in wireless products and services.

Samsung devices which have preloaded apps will be enabled on Verizon phones, not for other devices. However, it is very frustrating to offer the rise of phones including Google’s Pixel.

Additionally, the part of the deal includes the integration of native ads by Oath along with Samsung’s own Galaxy and game apps. Both the companies haven’t explained details of the deal including motivation and inspiration of the deal, their future plans.

Tim Armstrong, CEO of Oath said that the new deal ads one step closer to reach their consumer as everyone will have direct access to Oath on their devices.

Also, they will share revenue with Oath. Additionally, it comes to know that Oath will be “premiere content partner” of Samsung. These will add the things like Yahoo Sport for sports scores, Newsroom for news, and Yahoo Finance for stock information.

This means this deal conclude that Verizon customers which are using Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, those must be prepared to watch more Oath content in near future. Watching these content and loading up the devices with unnecessary apps is not sensible and it triggered a case in the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission.

It is the thing which offers ad-infused experience to reduce the cost of the devices. After loading all these apps, it will be the revenue-generating tool that will user buy.