Valorant suffers Review Bombing and is marked as a copy of CS

Valorant suffers Review Bombing and is marked as a copy of CS


Recently, Riot Games released its new game to the world, which came as Shooter first person. Valorant had a great response from fans, as the number of users caused even their servers to crash. Despite this warm welcome, there seems to be a large part they have failed to convince because the title suffered from the famous Review Bombing, where it was classified as a copy of CS: GO.

Through the Metacritic forum , it is where we can appreciate the Review Bombing. As it stands out at first glance, the specialized criticism has given it a score of 83 out of 100. On the other hand, we see that users have given it a score of only 5.7 out of 10. If we go to the comments section of the users, We will find that many have pointed out that the game is a copy of the Valve title. Likewise, we found 275 ratings of zero, which contrasts sharply with the 397 positives.

It seems that these actions have not lowered the Valorant community at all, since it has a large number of players. Likewise, Riot Games assured that over time we will see new content of the title. This opens the door, for a possible competitive scene and future positioning as an esport.

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