Using the best MSRM extenders for gaming online


Most of the games that we play today have become majorly competitive. You can interact with people from all over the world and practice the game to get good at it. They also have ranked statuses to endure your interest in the game and also for you to be able to prove your dominance in the game. But the joy of playing online games with a pleasant smile comes at a cost and that is having a very good internet connection. A bad or interruptive internet connection can basically ruin your gaming experience with lag and giving your opponent the advantage of having a better connection. It is just not satisfactory at all and may result in game rages.

To avoid that you would want to consider buying a range extender for your router to have better connectivity and speed. Well, with a lot of competition out in the extender market you have a lot to choose from. Here let me recommend to you something that I personally prefer to ensure that I have good gaming experience. I used to have a laggy connection and was fed up with the range on my router and therefore devices too but myself an extender. I got home an msrm us300 extender setup. 

How to setup your device in an easy way

The procedure to set up your extender device is very simple and can be done in more than a singular way. You can follow a few easy steps and then get going and use your extender. Start off by bringing out your extender and then connecting it to a power source so that it turns on. After it does you can connect it to your computer by using a wired or wireless connection. After this you will need to access your browser and type your extenders IP address into the address bar. This will redirect you to the msrm us300 login page. Login here using the default credentials and then access the admin panel.

From here you will simply need to follow the instructions of the website UI and you will be done in no time. Enter the details prompted about your router accurately to avoid any problems. After that you can set up your extender in a place where you want the range of your router to be extended. Quite simple indeed.

Setting up your extender using the WPS method

Another way to complete the above procedure is by using the msrm us300 WPS setup. It is another simpler and convenient way to set up your extender. Simply find the WPS button on your router as well as your extender. Make sure both the devices are in the range of each other and also powered up. Then simply go ahead and press the WPS button on your router followed by the WPS button on your extender. This will initiate and pairing procedure without having the need to manually enter the details or credentials of the router for the extender. Quite convenient indeed.

It is a good way of sharing your network with your family and friends without having to actually share your WiFi password. In other words, you will have a very secure sharing. In case you needed to make any changes in the settings you can always go to the ap.setup link and change any settings according to your preferences.

Ap.setup not working

If you have a problem accessing the setup link in order to setup your device it can be out for a few reasons. Check if the connection between your extender and your pc is stable because if it bad then the link won’t be accessed. There can be a problem with the browser where some browsers tend to disallow the access to the ap.setup link. Changing the browser for another one can solve this problem. Another way to solve this problem can be by resetting your extender by pressing and holding the reset button present on the device. You can also try running power cycles to refresh the extender and it may work fine. The ap.setup link can be used to setup your extender as well as remotely access it and also change any settings of your extender.

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