Uses of amber glass bottles to refill medicines


The pharmaceutical manufacturers produce medicines to cure different types of illness and diseases. But, they require packaging materials to carefully pack the medicines. The medicines should not be subjected to leakage.  Every medicine contains valuable ingredients and nutritive contents and hence its quality should be preserved. So, the packaging industries manufacture different types of packaging products such as amber glass bottles, ropp caps, measuring cups, dropper assembly sets, aluminum foils etc. They manufacture various packaging materials and distribute it to the supplier. The amber glass bottles supplier supplies amber glass bottles also.

Uses of amber glass bottles

The amber glass bottles are used for several uses. It is used for filling both dry and wet syrups. Different types of amber bottles are available such as dropper bottles, wide mouth bottles, flat bottles, vials, and Boston bottles. The amber glass bottle supplier supplies bottles that are made of tinted glass that is photo-protective. 

Wet and dry syrup

They are used to fill syrup of various quantities i.e. 22 mm syrup, 25 mm syrup and 28 mm syrup. Amber bottles are used for filling dry syrups also. These bottles are usually freezer -safe. These medicines are available in the form of fine powder and should be mixed with water. 

Wide-mouth bottle

The wide -mouth bottles are widely used by the pharmaceutical industries because they can easily fill medicine. Such bottles are recommended to fill liquid and dry syrups. Such bottles are also enclosed with tight lids and hence are not subjected to leakage. They are available in various sizes and are used to storing liquids of various quantities. These bottles are usually cylindrical shaped used for refilling medicines of various quantities. 

Dropper bottles

The dropper bottles are usually used to fill eye-drops or ear drops. These dropper bottles usually have a tight fitting cap that is attached with a dropper. So, the people with eye or ear problems usually use this bottle for dispensing drops. The infant syrups are also filled in dropper bottles. These bottles are usually used to fill some syrups and ENT drops.

What are amber glass bottles?

The manufacturers usually do amber glass bottle export to send it to the distributors abroad. The amber glass bottles are widely used by the pharmaceutical industries because they are made of robust materials. These bottles are made using some graded components of sand, soda, limestone etc.

These tinted glasses protect from heat and light. As they contain some useful components, they also protect from harmful ultra-violet rays and infrared rays. 

Flat bottles

The flat bottles are also used to refill liquid syrups. These bottles are used to refill medicines of various quantities. The manufacturers use the best-quality material and the best techniques to manufacture such bottles.


These vials are small-cylindrical shaped bottles made of glass. These vials are usually used to hold liquid medicines. It is usually a small container used to hold liquid medicines in smaller quantities.  Sometimes, these vials are used to hold powders, capsules or other liquids also.

Boston bottles

The Boston bottles are also round cylindrical bottles to fill liquid medicines. 

The best manufacturers are engaged in amber glass bottle export to distribute it to the suppliers or distributors worldwide. 

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