US Based Domestic Companies Canceled Tours On The Fear Of Coronavirus


Every business, whether it’s small or big, is getting affected because of coronavirus fear. Many big companies have now taken steps to cancel their traveling plan since the fear of getting infected with the deadly virus is at its peak. Recent reports coming show big companies are not preferring to travel domestically as the fear of coronavirus has increased. International travel, especially to Asia, is getting a big hit because of the coronavirus. However, since people are less traveling in the country, it’s affecting the travel, hotel and airline industry much more.

Hotels in the country reportedly said they are witnessing a considerable number of hotel bookings getting canceled from the last few days. The coronavirus is spreading slowly into North America and Europe, which means people are getting affected by this deadly virus in the country. The airline industry is so far going through the worst phase because experts think it has cost the airline industry more than $7 billion. This virus outbreak will have a long term impact on the airline and travelling businesses, and it might be significant considering the current situation. Analysts said they have seen a wide range of cancellations happening in big cities like New York, LA, Washington. However, since things are getting tighter every day, the coronavirus impact is reaching small towns also.

The majority of US cities are changing their travel routine to protect the health of passengers. Canceling significant events is becoming a new thing in big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. So far, tech companies have canceled or either postponed people gathering facts on the fear of coronavirus. Even though so far things didn’t turn up that much worse, it’s still affecting the majority of the businesses in the US. Group travel, conferences or meetings are getting canceled, and those who are in this industry might have to gear up for an adverse outcome.