Barcelona's Pique pierced Real again

Unable to pick up the girls’ success with Real


Whether on or off the field, Barcelona’s situation is not good anywhere. This time in the knockout stage of the Champions League, Barাa is just a spectator, and running for the title in the league is now a difficult task for them. Outside the field, financially, Barca is beating. Even in this situation, the fact that defender Gerard Pique is able to beat the leading Real Madrid is a surprise!

Pique is still beating Real Madrid. However, the embarrassing thing for the Barboys’ team is that Pique, who has been staring at Real for so long, is no longer able to do so. The 34-year-old Bara captain draws a comparison between the success of Real and girls’ team.

PK has teamed up with Spanish video broadcaster Ebay Yanos for a game called League of Legends. The defender was talking about that in a program. The Spanish sports daily Diario Sport has reported on it. PK stabbed Real Madrid on that occasion.

In girls’ soccer, where team is playing in Spain and Europe, Real Madrid’s women’s team officially took to the field last season.

Comparing the girls’ teams of the two clubs, he said, “Barcelona is on top of Real Madrid, as always. Take a look at what’s happening in girls’ football. Barcelona is always ahead. We have had a girls team for many years, a team that has brought a lot of success to our club. You (Real Madrid) are far behind. ‘

It’s great to see Pike proud of the success of the Bar girls’ team, the Bar Femini. In Europe, where many are still reluctant to give girls ‘football the recognition it deserves compared to boys, the success of the girls’ team at their own club may seem like the pride of a ‘sibling’ in a real family.

But the problem is, with the success of the girls, now PK has to stab Real. In addition to the success of the Bar boys team that will pierce Real, the face that is not the pick!

Bar boys team has been eliminated from the group stage of the Champions League this season. The PK-Busquets can’t say for sure at the moment that they will be able to play in the Europa League. After the change of rules, the teams that have been relegated from the Champions League to the Europa League will not be able to play directly in the main knockout stage of the Europa League. Real Madrid has become the group champion there in the last sixteen.

This is the European competition, the same picture of Bar misery in the Spanish league. Real Madrid is at the top of the league, with at number eight on the points table.

If we finish the league from this position, will not be qualified to play in the Europa League next season, not just the Champions League! The first four teams from the Spanish league go to the Champions League, the fifth team to play directly in the Europa League, and the sixth team to play in the group stage of the Europa Conference League.

But in contrast to the Pike’s desperate failure, now have some success because of the girls’ team. This season, Bar Femeni have scored 39 of the 39 possible points at the end of 13 matches in Spain’s top-tier division. Has scored 75 goals and conceded only 4. The Bar girls are 11 points ahead of the second-ranked Sociedad.

And in the Champions League? The girls, who won the European Club Excellence Tournament last season, have now reached the top of the group stage. Out of the possible 16 points in 6 matches, he got 16 points, scored 24 goals and conceded only one. 9 points ahead of the second Arsenal in the group!

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