Ultima Thule Asteroid has Weird Pancake Shape - Shows New Horizons Image

Ultima Thule Asteroid has Weird Pancake Shape – Shows New Horizons Image


NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft became the first one to conduct a flyby mission to the Ultima Thule asteroid, which was fascinating the NASA scientists. On the first day of this year, New Horizons Spacecraft performed the flyby mission and started sending a few images afterward. At first glance, it was found that the asteroid has a Snowman style shape. But, after a thorough investigation and receiving more pictures from the asteroid, it is now clear that the Ultimate Thule is flat and not the circular rock that scientists expected.

The Ultima Thule asteroid is nearly 4.1 billion miles away from the earth. All of the data that was captured while the New Horizons was performing a Flyby mission is now in the analytical phase. As NASA was receiving the data, the images obtained from the spacecraft showed the snowman shape and indicated that the asteroid was flat and not the globe. NASA released a video, which is the compilation of the images received from the spacecraft over the days.  In the compiled video, we can see the flat structure with one head and one body of Ultima Thule asteroid.

NASA’s Mission Principal Investigator Alan Stern said that they had a different impression of the asteroid, but the vision has changed after the data received from the flyby mission. The New Horizons is more than 4.1 billion miles away from the earth, and that distance is causing the data relay delay. That means, the New Horizons will send all the data collected in this flyby mission for years from the mission date. That means, we are yet to know more information about the asteroid and hopefully find something interesting about the same.

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