UL Video Offers Hoverboard Safety Tips For Preventing Fires

A video from UL, global independent safety science and certification company, aims to inform hoverboard enthusiasts of all ages about the importance of taking precautions to reduce the risk of the self-balancing vehicle overheating, catching fire or exploding.

After the market was flooded with cheap Chinese knockoffs that didn’t have any certification behind them, retailers and manufacturers faced a safety challenge.

UL Hoverboard LabelAnd since it seems like the retailers are in no rush to fix safety issues, the UL company is finally certifying hoverboards by introducing UL 2272 standard and aims to guide consumers toward those self-balancing scooters that won’t blow up.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) offers a video on which John Drengenberg,consumer safety director at UL, shares some safety tips for the use, care and maintenance of self-balancing scooter: