UK warning to coronavirus downgraded from stage 4 to 3

UK warning to coronavirus downgraded from stage 4 to 3


The UK’s coronavirus warning rating was downgraded Friday from four to three, a changed government celebrated as a “major moment” in the pandemic battle. Under stage three in a five-step warning scheme, the virus is now known as “generally circulating” and therefore calls for a “gradual easing in controls” to further relieve the lockout. Previously, transmission of the lethal virus was considered ‘high or growing exponentially’ at level four.

“Excellent moment for the country is the UK heading to a lower warning stage, and a true testament to the British people’s resolve to fight this epidemic,” UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said. “The government’s strategy is working. Infection levels are dropping rapidly, we have secured the NHS and we are getting the nation back on its feet thanks to the hard work of millions in our health and social care systems,” he said.

The go-ahead for the change came from the Joint Biosecurity Centre, an specialist who proposed a reduction that was then jointly accepted by England , Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland ‘s chief medical officers (CMOs). “In situations that we have seen in all four countries, there has been a gradual decrease, and that continues. This does not mean that the pandemic is over. The virus is still in general circulation, and regional outbreaks are likely to occur,” the CMOs said in a joint statement. The death toll from the virus in the UK reached 42,000 this week but experts have been highlighting the dropping regular death rate as well as a decrease in infection rate for a couple of days.

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