UK Scientists Will Develop a New Medication to Stop Growth of Cancer Cells

Some top UK scientists claim they would have a cure for cancer in the upcoming ten years. Scientists say it is the world’s first medicine having the potential to stop cancer cells becoming resistant to various treatments. Such drugs could offer a better and extended life to cancer patients by making the condition controllable and often more treatable. Prof. Paul Workman, Chief Executive of the Institute for Cancer Research (ICR) said drug resistance is the most challenging part of the disease. Thus it is essential for people working on cancer to work through the situation. The Institute of Cancer Research has announced a £75m funding to develop the drug.

Prof. Paul noted that the new discovery could make it easy to manage cancer and often make it more treatable. The scientists will aim to find new ways to carb resistance of cancer cell. The new approach would replace existing cures like shock and chemotherapy, along with its harsh side effects. ICR’s newly funded project will start a new Center for Drug Discovery at the agency’s Sutton campus. Besides, the agency is requesting for another £15m finance to accomplish the project. ICR says around 300 scientists from different sectors will team up to stop cancer’s growth. Prof. Paul said modern cancer treatments could arrive across United States health services within a decade.

As per scientists, cancer is so fatal because it adjusts and stops responding to drugs. As a result, tumours grow, spread, and it becomes impossible to cure them. But ICR has determined the precise reasons behind the changes in health conditions. Also, it assures the treatment can stop cancer cells from growing. Patients can still have a combination of other treatments like chemo, radiotherapy and surgery. After that, they can take medicines to stop the growth of remaining cancer cells and carb it’s spreading.

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