UK Brexit Minister resigns

UK Brexit Minister resigns


Brexit Minister David Frost has resigned. The news agency Reuters reported this information.
Frost resigned, frustrated with the direction of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government. Frost’s resignation is being hailed as a major blow to Boris, who is struggling to cope with a new type of coronavirus infection across the UK.
Frost is a leading craftsman of Boris’s Brexit strategy. His resignation raises questions about the future of Brexit-related talks with Northern Ireland. At the same time, his resignation has added to the unrest in Boris’s Conservative party government.

Frost said he was confident Brexit would be completed safely. But he was concerned about the direction of the government.

A letter to Boris from the UK Prime Minister’s Office and residence Downing Street was released on Saturday. In the letter, Frost told Boris that he (Boris) was aware of his (Frost’s) concerns about the government’s current direction.

News of Frost’s resignation was first published by The Mail on Sunday. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein. Apart from this, behind his resignation, there has been a big dissatisfaction with the government’s tax hike and expenditure on environmental policy.

Boris Johnson said he was saddened to receive Frost’s resignation letter.

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