Uber has tie-up with five other the aircraft giants to develop “flying taxi”

Uber’s second annual “flying taxi” conference was held in Los Angeles this week. After that, we have a bunch of weird photos reflecting hybrid of drone-helicopters which might be noticed flying around the town in next decade.
Pipistrel, Aircraft, and Embraer the aircraft giants are working with Uber on the most ambitious project of the company – flying cars or taxies. Karem has also had a deal with the Uber as aircraft partner with its new vehicles to show off.
Electric flight is in the initial stage of development, also tests also didn’t conduct and its hurdles like a technological breakup, infrastructural problems, regulation and maintenance problems are yet to overcome. These hurdles might meet up with the Uber’s schedule or might delay the launch of the vehicle.
Uber has assembled aircraft equipment manufacturers helped to develop a vision of air mobility. Pipistrel, Embraer, and Karem are participating to develop the vehicle. Addition with help of these companies, Uber will be adding a deal of Bell and Boeing subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences.
Uber said they are looking for partners that will help them to meet up the specifications including electric-based, no noise, better landing and take-off technologies.
The Brazilian aircraft giant has experienced over 48 years in manufacturing the aircraft. Now, it will be joining the Uber to complete their project successfully. It’s CEO Paulo Cesar Silva, said that it is a big task for the company but they will accept it as a challenge.
Aurora Flight Sciences:
Aurora Flight Sciences has specialization in autonomous aviation systems. Now, it is part of the Boeing, as it has acquired it last year.
Karem’s quad tiltrotor which has four large propellers than some of the other eVTOL prototypes situated on the tail and wings of a vehicle. Karem is taking efforts to build a full-scale protestor of its tiltrotor concept.