UAE Islamic Investment Plans in 2021

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People inquire about Islamic investment ideas on a daily basis. Thus we figured it could be beneficial to map what a Muslim could invest in 2021.

We will talk about a few best investment options. You might also notice something in here you hadn’t dreamed about, even though you were a knowledgeable investor already.

Principles Of Investing

So let’s try to set some core values when it comes to an investment as a simple piece of foundation work.

Know Your Objectives

This is really significant, for it drives everything essentially. If you have 20 years to invest without the need to have access to capital, the policy differs considerably from the one-year investment with a possible need to access the cash.

Your investment motive decides the appetite for your risk. This is important as the amount you take if the risk generally applies to the returns on the market.

So be sure that you are investing in your brain.

Utilize Time

Time is your best friend. Your best friend. That’s why you need to consider why you spend and how much time you will stay.

For eg, had you just purchased a house and the real estate market collapsed six months later, your reaction would actually depend on how fast you had to sell the property.

It would be a catastrophe if you had purchased this flip and planed to sell it right there. But you wouldn’t get bothered if you had wanted to carry it long term.

Best Investment Plan

If you are looking for the best investment plan in the UAE then here is the list to assist you.


Property is a preferred investment. It gives you a good income and a brick-and-mortar property with your reputation.

The plan is to buy an estate and then lease it to the tenants.

Typical property returns are about 6% a year, but they may be up to 10% or more.

The disadvantages of owning a buy-to-let property must be overcome by tenants. You’re technically liable for any repairs, and you can wash the returns out if you’re not patient or even a little lucky.


In general, the capital market is considered the safest way of long-term investment.

Share investment comes with a number of flavors. One way of doing this by choosing your own businesses and shares. The second solution involves investing in funds.

Fund managers are managed by funds that invest in a company basket according to the fund’s policy.

As a Muslim, the key is that the Fund is Sharia-compliant accredited. In other words, the fund managers work against a collection of parameters in which they should invest halal.


In the overall economy, gold is something of a safe shop. People prefer it because the investment is physical and conventional.


Sukuk is a commodity of a guaranteed benefit. So instead of wild growth, you buy solid, steady returns.


Hope this blog will help you get the best investment plan in 2021. In case you need any information related to Islamic investment you can visit Mashreq bank’s website.

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