U.S. Will Have a Million-Dollar Exascale Supercomputer Until 2021

U.S. Will Have a Million-Dollar Exascale Supercomputer Until 2021


A group led by the U.S. government is working with Intel Corp and Cray Inc. to develop the fastest computer. Officials announced on Monday that by 2021 America would be capable of researching nuclear weapons and other technologies. The chipmaker, Intel will start to build the U.S.’s most powerful supercomputer with an ability to perform one quintillion calculations per second. Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy, announced Intel and sub-contractor Cray computing obtained the contract to make the first this kind system in the US. The details of Aurora, America’s next-generation supercomputer rolled out at an event in Argonne.

Mr. Perry said the supercomputer would be used to deal with problems such as cancer research, veterans’ health cures, climate modeling, and much more. Besides, the new model would impose an amazingly remarkable impact on their society. Under the host of Aurora program, the company intends to combine “exascale”. It is an emerging technology system for Argonne National Laboratory by 2021. Thus the $500 million contract requires the companies to deliver a computer with exaFLOP performance. It is a unit to measure the performance of a machine. In short, exaFLOP a type of horsepower rating for computers. To see the potential from a human perspective, if every person on earth performs one calculation per second, it will take everyone about four years to perform all the task Aurora can complete in one second.

Although, the teams behind the project are not ready to share any type of particular technical details about Aurora. It may use a modern Intel Xeon Scalable processor, Intel Optane DC memory. Other components include Intel’s ONE API and the X computer architecture. Besides, Cray will offer its supercomputer system, Shasta, having more than 200 cabinets and an interconnect.

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