U.S Military to Investigate SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Certification for National Issues

U.S Military to Investigate SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Certification for National Issues


United States Department of Defense Office of Inspector General informed the United States Air Force that they are keen to investigate the decision of giving certification to SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket. US Department of Defense issues a memorandum, which states the decision of investigation of the certification. The memo shared by US Department of Defense says that the Office of Inspector General is intended to begin the inspection by February 2019. The decision has been taken for National Security Reasons, as per the memorandum.

The US Military will check if the United States Air  Force has followed the Launch Services New Entrant Certification Guide while issuing the certificate to Falcon Heavy Rocket and Falcon 9 Rocket launches from SpaceX. The memorandum mentions the venue of the investigation as Space and Missiles Center in Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, California. Deputy Inspector General Michael Roark officially signs the memo. The memorandum document does not mention why the inspector general is willing to investigate the Air Force for providing a certificate for Falcon rocket launches.

The United States Air Force awarded the certificate to SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket after it was initial test flight in June 2018. The flight took off in February 2018, and then the Air Force handed over a contract to SpaceX to launch AFSPC-52 Satellite. Air Force claimed that the Rockets from SpaceX offered a total launch solution for sending satellites in orbit. Usually, The government requires at least three test flights to be successful for getting a certification for National Security reasons. But, Air Force and SpaceX decided to have different Certification Progress because there was only one rocket from United Launch Alliance that could send any satellite to the long-earth orbit.

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