U.K. Frames Social Media Law to Conquer Harmful Content Over the Internet

Governments across the world are coming together to recoil against tech giants like Facebook and Twitter. Countries starting from Australia to the European Union are increasing analysis of tech companies. Recently, Australia passed a rule that pointed it could imprison executives, for up to three years, for the companies who fail to take off offensive content from their platforms. Now the U.K. is one of the government to impose fines and bans if the social networks miss controlling illegal activity. The UK government is taking strong steps to ensure the online safety of people. It is the world’s first regulator to keep an eye on social media companies. So networks who fail to live up to the mark, are going to face hefty penalties. Even more, senior executives, found thoughtless of their duties, will personally be held liable. The regulation may demand the banning of that particular site.

The scheme specially designed for tech giants is to clean up harmful and toxic data on their platforms. The much-awaited government approach will ensure companies meet their responsibilities which will be outlined by an essential charge of care. The British regulator has issued its plans for pioneering new laws that will help in regulating all platforms. Besides, the series includes various platforms like social media, messaging, searching, and file-sharing. In short, those which deal with content and may cause online harm. It is a broad term that hosts content related to violence, terrorism, hate speech, sexual abuse, self-harm, and underage sexting.

Prime Minister Theresa May stated that for longer these tech companies had not done enough to secure users from dangerous content. The regulatory is now opting on whether to appoint an existing regulator to the post or to build a new one for the same. As per the new regulation, any website that enables users to publish content will have a legal duty to take care of all users. The rules are also applicable to smaller websites on which user post comments. Thus, all types of blogs, online news and review sites will have to be careful.

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