Two turkeys survived the US President’s ‘apology’


Peanut Butter and Jelly, two turkey chickens, may have been a feast for an American family on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe they were served as roast on someone’s table that day. The chickens have recently reached the hands of President Joe Biden at the White House. But in the end, peanut butter and jelly don’t have to go to the kitchen.

Biden announced an apology for the chickens on Friday ahead of Thanksgiving Day. Peanut butter and jelly seemed to find a second life through this. News from CNN.

The United States celebrates Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November each year. According to him, the day will be observed next Thursday. There is a widespread practice of eating roast turkey at home on this day.

The White House observes the President’s annual pardon for Thanksgiving Day, ahead of Thanksgiving Day. As part of this, Indiana-raised turkey peanut butter and jelly were shipped to Washington DC last week. They were kept at the Willard Hotel in Lux, Washington. The National Turkey Federation held a press conference with the chickens on Thursday before sending them to the White House. Peanut butter and jelly were presented to the president at a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden on Friday. On that occasion, President Biden announced his apology. With this, peanut butter-jelly was saved from burning in the kitchen fire this holiday season.
The chickens have been sent to the Animal Sciences Education and Research Firm at Purdue University. These will be there from now on.

“Peanut butter and jelly have been chosen based on what they look like,” said President Biden jokingly. My suspicion is that they have been vaccinated or not, it may have been verified. But yes, these turkeys will no longer be scorched. ‘

“Peanut butter and jelly are two names that are no longer acceptable,” Biden joked. I can’t help but admit to you that although my wife doesn’t want me to, I can say that I like to eat these foods at lunch. ‘
President Biden also spoke about the Covid-19 epidemic situation. “It’s important to carry on such traditions in the face of all kinds of serious situations,” he said. Such ceremonies create the feeling of seeing the light of hope through our darkness. I think this year’s Thanksgiving Day is one such event. ”

Biden expressed gratitude to the scientists and faculty involved in the research and development of the Covid-19 vaccine. He also thanked the emergency workers, religious leaders and farmers.

The event, held in the open courtyard of the Rose Garden on Friday, was attended by families and children of White House staffers.

The National Turkey Federation has been supplying turkeys to the US President’s house since 1947. The practice of accepting turkeys as gifts through ceremonies dates back to the reign of former President Truman. Truman was the first to receive turkey from the Turkey Foundation. However, he never gave up this chicken. Instead, the president and his family members used to eat the chicken he got as a gift.

Folklore has it that the Abraham Lincoln administration released the first turkey he received as a gift in the president’s history. The President’s family was supposed to have dinner with that chicken on Thanksgiving Day. After Lincoln’s youngest son asked his father to release the pet turkey, the chicken was no longer a feast. However, this is a very common saying, there is no documentary evidence of it.

In 1983, during the reign of John F. Kennedy, turkeys received as gifts at the White House were released. This is the first case to be registered. However, it was not a formal apology ceremony. The official practice of pardoning turkeys began in 1989 with a White House ceremony. That’s when President George W. Bush introduced it. And since then, it has become a regular part of the White House.

According to a survey by the American Farm Bureau Foundation, the cost of hosting Thanksgiving dinners this year will increase by 14 percent for Americans. They will have to spend more in this sector due to various economic crises including rising prices of various accessories.

The survey also hinted that the price of turkey could rise by 24 per cent over the previous year. However, in a statement on Wednesday, US Agriculture Secretary Tom Wilsak assured that there are enough turkey stocks to meet the demand of US citizens on Thanksgiving Day. The price of the largest chicken will be one dollar higher than the previous year.

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