Two killed in UK storm, millions without power

Two killed in UK storm, millions without power


Hurricane Irwin has killed at least two people in parts of the United Kingdom. More than one lakh people are without electricity.

On Friday night, the storm was moving at a speed of about 160 kilometers per hour over some parts of the country, with rain and snow falling.

The country’s meteorological department said amber and yellow alerts were maintained across many parts of the country on Saturday.

“Many roads are closed, so please travel only when absolutely necessary,” they said on Twitter.

But a rare red alert for the storm was issued across the east coast of Scotland and northeast England until 2pm local time on Saturday. Scotland police have warned people not to travel “under any circumstances”.

A school headmaster has died after a tree fell on his car in Antrim, Northern Ireland. Another died after being crushed by a tree in Cumbria on Friday evening, police said.

About 120 lorries are stuck in the snow near Rochdale in Greater Manchester.

The meteorological department said the storm had “damaged a wide area of ​​the UK”, damaged several buildings and uprooted trees.

In many areas trains have been disrupted or stopped. There have been hailstorms across parts of Scotland and northern England, with heavy snow falling on relatively highlands.

According to the Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, 60,000 homes in Scotland are without electricity. The UK’s Northern Power Grid also said 55,000 of its customers were without power. There have also been some incidents of power outages in Northern Ireland.

More storms, snow and ice warnings were issued across the UK on Saturday, the BBC reported.

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