Top 6 Trending Animated Movies


There are not many movies that are released in 2020 due to covid-19 but spoke of the anime series continuing and released in 2020. As we were not able to go for an outing with our friends family, people tend to watch movies and series during their quarantine, isolation and lockdown period. 

If we talk about anime movies, it is quite trending nowadays as there are very few traditional movies that are releasing. Therefore anime series and movies are trending among youngsters as well as adults throughout 2020. Now we are here with the Top trending Anime movies which are popular in the market.

We Bare Bears: The Movie

We Bare Bears: The Movies is a cartoon network based anime series that was run last summer with 4 seasons. This animation movie includes 3 cute bears – Panda(Bobby Moynihan), Grizzly(Eric Edelstein) and Ice Bear(Demetri Martin). 

For this situation, it implies that they’re run out of their local area subsequent to causing a huge blackout (they attempted to turn into a web sensation; it didn’t work). However, from that free plot, which proceeds in the direction of a journey film as the bear’s attempt to disappear to Canada, Director Daniel Chong displays an unusually self-portraying story of what it resembles feeling like an isolated, unreasonably charged citizen.

The anime by Rough Draft Studios is a totally, flawless anime-propelled treat and the film is regularly laugh uncontrollably entertaining. You can watch We Bare Bears on solarmovies.

The Willoughbys

This enchanting and elaborately aspiring animated highlight from Netflix is really an ideal isolate include. It follows the Willoughbys, a courageous family who are currently bound to their fragile, horrible obsolete mansion.

In the wake of managing their parents to go on a long vacation, the children are relieved, especially when a caring Nanny (Maya Rudolph) urges them to recover their bravery. The Willoughbys is based on a novel written by Lois Rudolph. The voice cast is likewise magnificent, with Martin Short, Terry Crews and Jane Krakowski all conveying influenced shows(albeit Ricky Gervais is an unmistakable champion as the talking cat storyteller).

Trolls World Tour

Troll World Tour was released during the early days of the pandemic and it also got a bit of criticism for its release in the theatre which nowadays seems to be very difficult and it also causes damage to the popularity of the movie. Troll World Tour is a sequel of Troll which was released in 2016. It is directed by Walt Dohrn.

Lupin III: The first

We all know about the character Lupin III, as it was introduced in the late 1960s which is included in various forms like popular Manga Series and many animated movies and series. In Lupin III: The First, the Lupin character who is a gentleman thief is looking forward to his biggest transformation and with this movie, they are also entering the world of 3D animations.

Lupin II: The First is coming up with whole new actions and eye-catching animation which is full of emotion and heart-pumping scenes never seen before. 


Onward was released just before the covid-19 pandemic after which everything was shut down. After Coco, which was released in 2017, Onward was the first original anime movie released by Pixar Movie. Onward was directed by Dan Scanlon, it is based on two elf brothers – Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, who wants to bring their deceased father back for a particular day as they lost their father at an early age.

Onward is full of emotion and drama with a healthy mixture of inside jokes, great humour and clever wordplay. It is best to watch during your quarantine period as it will fulfil your all needs which you expect from an animation movie.


2020 was a dream year for Pixar movie lovers as Pixar movie releases its second original movie of the year which was the only second instance where Pixar Movie releases two original movies in a year after 2016. Soul revolves around a middle school music teacher(Jamie Foxx) who wants to be a part of a big band and play jazz.

Soul was expected to release in June 2020 but finally, after waiting for a while Soul was released on Christmas eve which was worth the wait. It is directed by Pete Docter, whose earlier films were Inside out and Up which are also popular Pixar movies.

One Piece is one of the most famous anime series. Despite being one of the most amazing series,  Series also contains one piece filler list.


Animation movies are not only for the children but these are also a great watch for the adults. Because of the pandemic and lockdown, the popularity of animated series and movies has gradually increased. Therefore, we have listed some of the best trending anime movies for you according to us. 

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