Top 5 WordPress Plugins You Can Use


Designing a website is not that easy. You will have to complete certain tasks with zero errors if you want to create a useful and amazing website. For creating a website, you will need various tools or plugins. Once you create a website, you might have to manage it as well. So, let’s talk about the WordPress plugins or tools that will help you design and manage a website. 

List Of Top 5 Useful WordPress Plugins

Here are some WP Plugins that would benefit you in creating and managing a website:

1. Akismet 

It is pretty understandable that when you introduce your website to an audience, there will be two types of audience. One type will adore your work and post positive comments on your website. The other type would simply hate your website and most probably start writing hate comments. 

You might not be able to read and delete every hate comment, but with the help of Akismet, those hate and malicious comments will get filtered on their own. Therefore, it is very much important that you download one of those Plugins for managing the content of your website. Once you install this plugin, you will get an API key. You will use this API key to activate the services of this super useful WordPress tool. 

2. Elementor

For beginners, this plugin is great. Well, the beginners might not like to do the complex work and try to make things easier for them. If you are not comfortable working with WordPress, this tool will make the job easier for you. Using Elementor is super easy and convenient.

It is a site builder that has a simpler user interface as compared to the WordPress interface. You can use this tool with the help of a drag and drop process. This tool has been downloaded millions of times for creating and managing websites.

3. Autoptimize 

You should download this plugin in your WordPress panel because it will optimize and minimize the loading time of your web pages. You might get a bit confused while choosing a caching plugin, and you might think it is Autoptimize, but it is not. It will take care of the aggregating process, not the caching process of your web pages. 

This plugin won’t be able to replace a caching plugin for sure, but it will definitely be a great complementing plugin for WS Super cache. 

4. bbPress 

One of the trickiest jobs while creating a website would be adding a forum. If you are looking for a tool that would help you install a forum section on your website, you should turn to bbPress.

It is a free plugin, and it won’t slow down your website because it is quite lightweight. You will just have to download it for once. 

5. WooCommerce

This plugin has helped many entrepreneurs to start their online businesses. This tool is an open extension that would work fine under WordPress. You get to choose the best store design from thousands of amazing designs available via WordPress theme.

It takes care of the management of your online store. As this tool is super secure, so there is no way you end up losing money, information, or anything if you are managing your website through WooCommerce. 

The Final Words

Now, you have known the best WP Plugins that would help you create and manage a website. They also help you manage the content of your website and update your site, as well. Last but not least, you can use the WordPress plugin to customize your website just according to your business details. Check out to get the WP plugins you need!

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