Tools You Need To Monitor Your Online Reputation


Reputation is important whether it be personal or for a business. A good business reputation can be tracked by customer review software as they can offer you insights on customer activity. There are a lot of tools that can monitor your online reputation.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is free software that monitors online reputation and checks for the references that have been made in the searches. It is very useful software to have if you use SEO marketing. Not only for the brand, but you can also use it for content creation as well. It monitors any word or phrase you want it to search and it will do so in real time. It wouldn’t pick up a review if your business name isn’t referred to which makes things quite easy. Once you have sent your business name, it will send an email whenever your preferred phrase or word is mentioned per day or per week. It is one of the review management tools out there.


Awario is a tool that allows you to track your reviews and monitor your online reputation by providing you with detailed analytics. The analytics works as a graph that spikes green and red for positive and negative mentions and reviews with the percentage and comparison meter. It is a very useful customer review software that will provide all sorts of benefits to you like responding to the reviews straight through the software. It can track which customers are satisfied and which aren’t. Copyright infringement has been a very serious issue in recent times. Awario helps you track down the content stealers. There are different plans to use Awario to suit your needs, but it also gives you two months of a free trial.

Social Mention

A pretty straightforward and free tool that is useful for monitoring the online reputation. It searches results from approximately 80 sites including the big ones like Facebook, Twitter etc. as its name suggests. It will give you in depth analysis of anything you search on it including yours or your business’s name with positive, neutral and negative reviews analysis. Monitor the business activities easily through this free software.


If you go to, you wouldn’t find any much instruction or content on how to set up or use the software, but it hasn’t got 5-star ratings for nothing. It is one of the best review management software that monitors your online reputation and notifies you through email if you are mentioned anywhere. Reputology doesn’t only track the generic sites like Facebook but also the site that is related to the industry which gives much more depth in review monitoring. You can also respond to the reviews through the software itself. It has social media marketing and review management merged into a single software.


Another customer review software that allows you to monitor and manage activities and mentions across the social platforms. It also allows you to gain insights, see what is trending, what keywords are being used. It is a pretty simple tool which does all the simple tasks you would expect from an online review manager.

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