To Hell With Education – Who Cares About Education?


“who cares guy.” this turned into my view while i was in secondary school. I used to be a outstanding pupil who knew nearly nothing, however i knew the whole thing else – my instructors had been not bothered. They knew that i absolutely wasn’t interested in training. I used to be handiest attending college due to my buddies – i attended college so i may want to loaf around with them. We have been too busy messing approximately,

in india we’ve got fashionable one to 11 coaching. After which you go to college. I used to be in wellknown 8 whilst i used to be 15. I used to be in fashionable 8 whilst i used to be sixteen. I was in preferred eight while i was 17. And that became it. I did no longer attend faculty once more. When i was 18 i did now not feel right going back to the equal class clearly because all my pals have been nicely beforehand of me. I used to be the second one oldest man or woman in my study room. Our class instructor become the primary. Nowadays i’m fifty years antique. If i go again to study i’d probably pass lower back to the same school room again. I left college and got here to england inside the year 1979. I was 19 years of age. After many distinctive forms of small marketplace buying and selling, small business and minicab driving, i ended up in a fostering enterprise presenting foster placement for youngsters in public care. I began this on a totally small scale in 1999. I used to be the 63rd employer inside the us of a then (now there need to be over one thousand).

I had to deal with 232 neighborhood government inside the u . S .. I had no training, no qualifications however i was doing satisfactory most effective due to the fact i used to be presenting specialised offerings. In 2002 a case about a touch lady referred to as victoria kimberly came to light. The authorities introduced new law of social services, introducing country wide care general, imposing inspection, registration, and insisting the provider should have a certified, registered supervisor to run services. At this the start of my downfall started. I could not employ such a lot of specialists. I had 9 certified group of workers and changed into simplest the non-certified idiot boss. My views have been continually undermined because of my loss of training and zero qualifications. We had three admin team of workers i and changed into answerable for giving supervision to on assignment supervisor and one cleaning body of workers. I understood my paintings nicely, however i couldn’t apprehend a way to paintings with so-called experts, and the law and rules became no longer on my aspect. I lost. I lost the whole thing. I misplaced my care business, but now not due to the fact i did no longer care. I regret today, and will remorse it for the rest of my lifestyles. I was wrong. I paid a heavy price for it. But i moved on. Life did no longer give up there… my opinion has now modified. Training… first… schooling… must… education… just…thanks on your go to.

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