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Tips to Buy Quality Chair Covers for Special Occasions


It is a well-known and largely followed fact that using chair covers is the most affordable way to upscale your events and parties. Over getting the incorrect covers may only create an adverse impact, so you need to be very careful about this choice. There are plenty of options available in chair covers, which you can avail yourself of without burning a hole in your pocket. To get your events looking more attractive and flawless, you may consider a few important guidelines as we discussed below to get the right chair covers.


Determine the chair model

Before you buy chair covers or get them on rent, you need to know what kind of chair models you will be installed at your venue. If you are not sure of the chair type at the venue, you may always ask the venue managers or the event coordinators to get an idea first. Usually, for special events, there are three types of chairs being used most popularly as below.

  1. Banquet chairs These are the most popular type of chairs for event planning. These can also be found at restaurants, hotels, and event halls, etc. There are different types of banquet chairs available as round top, square top, etc.
  2. Chiavari chairs – These types of chairs are also known as tiffany chairs. These are extremely popular chair styles that are in rage now. It does not need to be covered, but these chairs may transform into classy wedding reception and birthday chairs while paired with a perfect slip-on cover.
  3. Folding chairs – These are casual seating options compared to the banquet and Chiavari chairs. You can get large square-shaped slipcovers as the best fitting options for folding chairs. If your event occurs in a rustic environment as an outdoor garden or a barn, then embellishing holding chairs with the right chair covers may offer a refined look.


Size and measurement of chair covers

Most of the chair covers may look the same at first glance. However, many details may affect how the cover will fit on two different types of chairs. You should avoid purchasing the wrong chair cover. For this, one needs to measure your chairs first. Even though the chair covers might look similar, unless you get universal chair covers that may fit onto any chair, you need to take the following measurements to get it right.

  • Take the overall height of the chair.
  • Also, check the height of the chair back separately.
  • Check the seat Length and width.

A few other important aspects to consider are the shape of the top of the banquet chairs. There may be different styles for this, and so measurements are important to decide the most appropriate and most matching size of chair covers to choose. Especially if you are searching online for products, measurements are mandatory to filter out the products properly.

Along with these, you may also consider the chair fabric and the color and finish of the material to get the best quality chair covers for your purpose.

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