Cutting costs is always something that we try to do. How you cut your internet bill can depend on where you live, how you use your service, and if there are competing service providers in your area. Aside from that, you can take a few steps to get the best deal on your NBN.

  1. Speed-One of the best ways to cut your cost is to only pay for the speed that you need. It is not necessary to have the highest speed available, especially if you only use your internet service for basic use. The slower the speed that you opt for, the lower the bill will be.
  2. Compare Prices-Even if you have a dedicated service provider it is a great idea to shop around. Some companies will charge you more in fees than others. Add-ons will cause your bill to jump quickly, which is what the internet companies hope for. If you tell new companies that you are looking for better deals, they might give it to you just to get you as a customer. 
  3. Promotions-When checking around for different suppliers be sure to find out if they have any promotions going on. New customers can always get a discount for a set length of time. After that time is up you can look for other company promotions, or you can try and get some from your current provider.
  4. Equipment-You have probably noticed that the equipment that they use when setting up your service is rented to you from them. This increases your bill because they just add it onto your nbn plans. It is possible for you to buy your own equipment and hook their service through it. Be sure, before buying any equipment, that it is compatible with the service, and the equipment from them that you are required to have.
  5. Bundle-You have heard this throughout your adult life. If it is possible to bundle items together you can save substantial amounts of money. For instance, if your internet provider also offers mobile phone service, it would benefit you to get a combination package to lower your monthly cost. It is always better to have one set cost, rather than two or three that you must remember to budget in.
  6. Mobile Hotspots-Now that we have mentioned mobile devices, it is a suitable time to bring up mobile hotspots. This can be an expensive route to use, but it may be the best choice for you. If you live in an area that is remote, or if you travel a lot, you are more than likely paying for a service that you barely use. If you do not need it very much, check into hotspots to give you the internet access that you want.
  7. Customer Service-This may seem pointless, but some of the time, if you talk to the sales department of your current carrier, you can get a deal. This is especially true if they know that you are planning to switch companies. Obviously, this will only work if you have competing service providers in your area.

Saving money on your NBN internet service

Does not have to be a daunting task. It is simply a matter of knowing what you are paying for and finding the best fit for you. Service providers will always try to talk you into the highest plan and will try to get you to add on things that they claim are important. Know what you need, and what you want, then find a provider that can offer it to you at a decent price. Remember that Camstar Blue states that the average bill runs around $71 per month. If you can get your service below this, you are still ahead of the game.

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