This is what you should be aware of the solar flare NASA has detected as the most powerful in the last three years

This is what you should be aware of the solar flare NASA has detected as the most powerful in the last three years


Sun has launched a major blaze recorded by NASA ‘s Solar Dynamics Observatory and ranked as the most powerful in the last three years. This event, also known as “Fireworks,” took place in a group of non-visible sunspots that could mean the Sun is entering a more active phase of its 11-year natural cycle. The flare was classified by scientists into three categories: C, M and X.

The difference is that each class is ten times stronger than the previous one; the one registered last Friday, May 29, was class M and was not directed to Earth. Because it was a weak category, it did not trigger an alert from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center); however, the phenomenon is closely followed by experts.

Experts expect these to be visible with rotation after several months without sunspots and almost no activity.
What follows are months of observation to determine whether this is indeed a new cycle of activity, and the number 24 (solar cycles so far studied by science) would end. The Sun goes through periods of calm and intense activity that are repeated every 11 years, something that increases the number of dark spots on its surface and decreases them.That is why space meteorological studies constantly look for and count sunspots, to know where they are in the cycle.

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