This is what happened in Iran after 41 years of Corona virus, people voicing joy


Thousands of people have lost their lives due to the corona virus epidemic in Iran, but it has also given the opportunity to enjoy movies in the drive-in theater for the first time since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. There was a time when the revolutionaries of the Islamic Revolution were against giving too much privacy to unmarried young couples, but because of this epidemic, today, couples are arranged to watch a movie in the car parking lot of Tehran’s famous Milad Tower.

After purchasing tickets online in the parking of Milad Tower, the cars that come here every night stand in the queue and employees are transition free. In Persian language it is called cinema machine. The voice of the film audience is heard through the F radio station in the car. Stadiums and theaters are closed due to the Corona virus, in such a way, the screening of the film in the car parking is the only social reconciliation. Iran is among the countries most affected by the Corona virus where more than 98,600 people have been confirmed to be Kovid-19 and about 6,200 have lost their lives.

36-year-old Behruz Purnijam, who came to see the film with his wife in the parking lot, said, “It was very attractive, at least for people of my age this is happening for the first time.” He said, “Honestly speaking. Most people are here because of curiosity, the film does not matter in itself. It does not matter to me who made this film or what it is about. ” Here the film “Displacement” was produced by the company affiliated with Revolutionary Guard. “

The film’s producer, Abraham Hatamikia, has focused the film’s theme on cotton farmers, whose crops have been damaged by the saline water from local dams. Atifa Suhaily, who came to see the film, expressed happiness over the arrangement of entertainment outside the house. He said, “I am sitting here with my hands clean and I want to eat something, I want to take some rest, but now I don’t have to worry about making social distance from other people.”

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