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Things to Keep in Mind when immigrating to Saskatchewan


Saskatchewan is a picturesque province in the south of Canada. Popularly called the ‘Land of the living skies,’ Saskatchewan is covered in scenic grasslands in its south and vast coniferous forest, lakes, plateaus, and rivers in the north. Its capital is Regina.

In recent years, immigration to Saskatchewan has witnessed a huge surge. More people are choosing this southern Canadian province to settle down in. Much of this rise can be attributed to the high quality of life that Saskatchewan offers. This province offers all the basic components that comprise a good life, including numerous economic opportunities, good quality of education, low housing costs, and healthcare, among many things. Saskatchewan has proved to be a welcoming home to immigrants.

If you are also looking forward to settling in Saskatchewan, there are certain things you need to do and follow as a newcomer. With the right knowledge of the emigration process, immigration to Saskatchewan is an easy process.

Here’s a list that you can refer to for your safe and legal settlement in Saskatchewan-

  • Essential documents: You must ensure to keep the following important documents with you before embarking on your journey to Saskatchewan-

– PR Card or Permanent Resident Card

– Landing paper

– Health care card

– Driver’s license

– A photo ID issued by the government.

Keep these documents in handy, as you will require them when applying for banking and other applications. After applying for the cards, it often takes weeks and months to get them. Therefore, it’s always better that you obtain them at the earliest.

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  • Accommodation: When traveling to immigrate to another country, you must first research the areas where you would like to stay permanently. For this, get a temporary place to stay while you look for a suitable residence. Many property companies like Mainstreet, Remai, Broadway, etc., can help you find suitable accommodation.
  • Directions: While you’ll be out and about in a new city, you’ll need maps and directions to find places and the right routes. Even though these days we carry smartphones that are enabled with Google Maps and other tracking applications like GPS, there’s a chance that you might not have a fully functioning internet on your cell phone during the initial period of your stay. You can also get an old-fashioned map to find places during your early days.
  • Services of settlement: As a newcomer in Saskatchewan, you will need many services to settle in the society and new culture. Settlement services agencies do the job of providing numerous services to newcomers. These services include providing free of cost language training, guidance regarding employment and settlements, etc. Visit your local settlement service agency to avail these benefits. Familiarity with the language and culture will ease your transition into Saskatchewanian society.
  • Permanent Resident Identification: Permanent Resident identification is a travel and identification document. It’s also called the PR card. It serves as your resident-status proof. You will be required to carry your PR card for identification.
  • Education: Canada is renowned for its world-class education, a significant benefit of which is a secure future. As a Saskatchewan resident, your child, between the age of five to 16 years of age, will be guaranteed education. In case you need guidance to enroll your children in a school, ask the local schools for information.
  • Social Insurance Number Card: You will need the Social Insurance Number Card or SIN card (a 9-digit number) to work in Saskatchewan. You will not be eligible to get assistance or credit from the government if you don’t have your SIN card.

Apart from the above documents and cards, you will also need to apply for the following when you start the process of immigration to Saskatchewan:

  • Health card
  • Bank account
  • Canada’s driver’s license

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) and the Saskatchewan PNP

One of the ways of immigration to Saskatchewan is through SINP or the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. If you are a non-Canadian who wants to move to Saskatchewan permanently, you can apply through the residency applications. The SINP allows the province of Saskatchewan to nominate people who have the skills and work experience that’s in-demand in the local economy to be admitted to Canada. The Saskatchewan PNP or Provincial Nominee Program helps the following people:

  • International Skilled Worker: If you are a skilled worker and want to reside and work in Saskatchewan, apply under this category.
  • Saskatchewan Experience: If you are a foreign national and already live and work in Saskatchewan, then apply under this category.
  • Entrepreneur and Farm: If you plan to start a business or purchase/run a farm in Saskatchewan, then apply under this category.

If you are looking forward to settling in Saskatchewan, Canada, for a better life and opportunities, make sure you have done your research on the eligibility status, documents required, and the services agencies. I hope this article helped you understand the things to do in Saskatchewan as a newcomer.

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