Things to do in Edmonton

Things to do in Edmonton


Are you planning a trip to Edmonton, Canada? Do you have no idea what the city is about and what to do there? If the answers were in affirmation, you need to read our article about the things to do in Edmonton. Now we know that the best trips are unplanned ones, in which the tourist doesn’t act like a tourist. Explore the city as they go along the country and discover the culture on their own. However, if you don’t want to be one of those people who end up confused on such trips and then sleep on a beach bench out of desperation, then you should have a rough idea about your destination.

Edmonton is a cold city in the province of Alberta, Canada. The city has something to offer everyone irrespective of the type of group you are, be it family or friends. The town is famous for its history, culture, innovation, scenic beauty, and other eccentric attractions. For a chill time with your family or a group of friends, you can visit places like North America’s largest mall, Canada’s most significant living history museum, and Canada’s largest national park. All situated in the city Edmonton. If that doesn’t excite you there are a lot of cultural attractions for you as well. They include a colorful theatre scene, many architectural wonders, and a sports team for almost any sport you speak.

Let’s go through this brief list of things to do in Edmonton. Know that you are not wasting your time the next time you visit the place. Have a look!

Things To Do in Edmonton

Visit the West Edmonton Mall

The West Edmonton Mall is the largest in the whole North American region and was once the most prominent mall globally by its size. The mall is an entire 490,000 square meters campus comprising an amusement area, a water park, four cinema complexes, a miniature golf course, and a vast entertainment area.

The mall sees more than thirty-two million visitors each year, both for business and pleasure.

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Stroll Through one of the Parks

Edmonton’s river valley parks are a set of twenty parks that should be on your ‘things to do in Edmonton’ list. These parks combined are more than New York’s central park’s total area by more than twenty-two times.

Suppose you are too convoluted with the city life. In that case, you can come to these parks for a retreat, interestingly within the city. 22 ravines, 11 lakes, golf courses, and other nature centers are some of the main attractions for tourists throughout.

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Visit Ukraine

The Ukrainian Cultural Village, an open-air museum, is a local historical site that sits outside the city’s boundaries. There was a massive exodus of the Ukrainian population in the town in the years 1899 and 1930. These museums celebrate the vast cultural history of the settlers.

Workers dressed in traditional costumes do activities that were part of everyday life then. Have a look at Blacksmiths working relentlessly, woodworkers, gardeners, and everything of that time.

Seige the Downtown of the City

The city’s original Market Square turned into Edmonton’s Arts District is centered on Churchill Square. The district host numerous cultural festivals every year.

The square is built at a prime location in close quarters to the central business district and the warehouse district.

Taking a look at all the landmarks this place has to offer makes it look bizarre and unbelievable at the same time. Some of them are The iconic city hall, Alberta’s art gallery, the national bank, and many more shopping complexes. 

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Walk Along with the History of the Town

Once upon a time, the city’s commercial center, The Strathcona Historic district, is a national historical area. A visit to this neighborhood is truly one of the better things to do in Edmonton and is highly recommended.

The district is in South Central Edmonton, to be precise, and takes up about five blocks of the whole region.

Historic buildings in the neighborhood include the Canadian Pacific Railway Station, Strathcona Hotel, the Princess Theatre, and the South Side Post Office.

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