They lost their jobs with fake ticker certificates


The Corona situation in Germany is once again becoming increasingly worrying. The number of infections has been on the rise since last week. So far, 99,000 people have died of corona infection in Germany. Experts fear that the death toll will soon exceed one million. In such a situation, it is a great injustice to continue the daily work by showing the certificate of vaccination even without vaccination. That’s what the two coaches of the country’s second division club Verder Bremen have done.

An investigation by government prosecutors has revealed that the club’s head coach Marcus Anfang and assistant coach Florian Uner had forged credentials. In such a crisis situation, if such an immoral act took place, the pressure was increasing on them. As a result, they have resigned from the club. The club has confirmed the matter.

In a statement, the Werder Bremen club said: “Werder Bremen head coach Marcus Anfang and assistant coach Florian Una have resigned on Saturday morning. The reason for this decision is the investigation of the government prosecutors against the two coaches and the unrest around the club. ‘

What exactly caused these two to resign? Anfang did not fully disclose it. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Werder Bremen’s head coach. It’s over. ‘

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