Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi — When Maradona Coached Argentina

There is no Maradona – Messi still does not believe


“It simply came to our notice then.

The word is Lionel Messi. Today, on the first death anniversary of Diego Maradona, the Argentine forward told the Spanish media ‘Marca’.

On this day last year, Messi paid tribute to his predecessor on Instagram after the death of the ‘8 World Cup legend, saying, ‘This is a very sad day for football and Argentina. Even if he leaves, it is not an exit. Because Diego is forever. ‘

Messi was a Barcelona player at the time of paying tribute to one of the best footballers of all time. Then in this one year Messi’s life has also changed. He left Barcelona and is now a PSG player. He also won the Copa America. This is Messi’s first title for Argentina.

Messi did not have the success to survive Maradona. The Argentine star did not forget to remember Maradona after winning the Copa America last July, “… of course it’s (the title) for Diego too, he has supported us wherever he is.”

Maradona has always looked at Messi with affection

Maradona’s relationship with Messi has always been sweet. Maradona always looked at his successor with affection. Even after his death, Maradona is still relevant. His topic came up in various talks and discussions about football.

All of Maradona’s great goals, dribbling — these are still comparable to others. Many have not forgotten Maradona, who has always had a lip-smacking. In the media, he has publicly criticized many things, many.

The fact that Messi misses such a colorful character, the fact that Maradona’s departure still makes Messi cry inside, is understood in the words of the PSG star.

He told the Spanish media, “It seems incredible that one year has passed. Argentina won the title after so many years … but he is not. The truth is, it’s a strange feeling that (Maradona’s death) doesn’t want to be believed. It always seems to be seen on TV or in the media. Maybe you will give your opinion about something. So many days have passed but it seems like yesterday’s incident. I will remember the best memories and I am lucky to be able to share something with him. ‘

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