The Web Now Has an Official Password-Free Login Standard

People always love to log in to online services without having to enter the long, complex passwords they had set up. As a part of this, password-free log-in systems had become quite popular as well, Web Authentication being the most important and widely used one. Now, however, Web Authentication has become the official web standard for no-password log-in to web-based services. “The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the FIDO Alliance today announced the Web Authentication (WebAuthn) specification is now an official web standard. This advancement is a major step forward in making the web more secure— and usable—for users around the world,” read the official press release from W3C and FIDO Alliance.

This means it would become a lot easier to log into web services from a wide variety of internet-connected devices. When this standard is widely adopted, it would be easier for users to use biometric authentication methods and PIN-based entry systems instead of entering a conventional password. This would also mean that a lot of password-management services would find it hard to survive in the world of web. In supported sites, users will also be able to use USB security keys for secure log-in.

Now that there is an official standard for enabling such an easy log-in method, it’s likely that many websites would be adopting the tech. Not that websites are not using password-less logins now, but the popularity is expected to skyrocket in the upcoming months. In addition to offering convenience, Web Authentication is better when it comes to user-privacy as well as preventing digital attacks like phishing. The feature comes with system-level support for platforms like Android, Chrome OS and Windows 10. And, on top of these, popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge would be compatible with key-less login tech. Hopefully, these development would also cause a rise in the demand for portable security keys as well.

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